OZONE ZEOLITE GT – der semi-light Performance Schirm

By popular demand, we are excited to release the new Zeolite GT. The ZeoLite was designed specifically for the X-Alps and reached a level of technicity never seen before thanks to a very complex construction and the use of light materials. The GT version offers the same characteristics in a more affordable, more durable package.

With only 3.5kg for the S size, the Zeolite GT  remains one of the lightest wings on the market and a strong contender for hike & fly adventures but it is now also an attractive proposition for pilots wanting to step up from a 3-liner to a 2-liner.


Ihr seid gespannt und möchtet den Schirm testen? Dann ruft uns an oder schreibt uns.

Preis auf Anfrage
statt 4.900,-


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