OZONE MANTRA M7 – die nächste Generation der ultimativen 3-Leiner

Der sehr lange erwartete 3-Leiner Hochleister mit moderater Streckung und Traumhandling schließt die Lücke zwischen Delta3 und Zeno ist in den Größen MS & ML ab sofort bestellbar!

Der M7 basiert auf dem bereits legendären ZENO, aber mit einer verringerten Streckung auf 6,5. Verglichen mit dem ZENO ist er in heftiger Luft weniger anspruchsvoll, und in Turbulenzen kohäsiver. Obwohl der M7 wegen dem Einsatz von Klappleinen EN D zertifiziert ist, entspricht sein Charakter eher der darunterliegenden Klasse. Das ist ein wirklich sehr komfortabler Hochleistungsflügel. Russ sagt dazu: “It is literally the best handling wing I have ever flown. The feel through the brakes is close to perfect, with precise and agile handling.”

UVP: € 5.300,–

Hier die genauen Produktdetails:

• Combines features of Enzo 3, Zeno, and Delta 3
• Near-Zeno performance
• Innovative new riser-control system
• 3-line design that competes with 2-line comp wings
• Replaces M6 with improved safety, handling and performance

This new design replaces the M6, and bridges the gap in the range of Ozone between the Delta 3 and Zeno. It is a significant step up from the M6 in terms of performance, especially in accelerated flight, but with better collapse recovery characteristics, reduced pilot workload, and more cohesion in turbulent air. It is the ideal wing for experienced pilots stepping up to the D class who want the performance and pleasure of a modern 2-liner, but with more comfort, security, and confidence.


The Zeno-inspired profile, with A-line attachments set relatively far back from the leading edge, creates a strong & collapse-resistant nose. You can push hard through turbulence and gain lift in each gust.
The Internal structure is optimised for weight and cohesion. The wing absorbs turbulence without chord or spanwise deformation, meaning that the handling can be exploited at all times, even in the strongest, roughest thermals. The cohesion of the sail, coupled with this solidity, is confidence inspiring. It reduces the demands on the pilot allowing you to use the full XC potential of the day.

A new riser control system allows full control in accelerated flight. Acting on both the B and C risers, this innovative system offers direct, efficient angle of attack control without deforming the profile. The intuitive feel and feedback from the risers allows the pilot to maintain the solidity of the wing while accelerated in turbulent air.

The Class

The M7 is certified EN D and aimed at EN D level pilots, even if the certification grade is mainly due to the use of collapse lines. The level of comfort and security is closer to the class below. Collapse lines were used because we were totally unwilling to weaken the structure of the wing just to achieve a lower EN grade. True Performance in real conditions remains our first priority. Extensive collapse testing has shown excellent recovery behaviour – better than the M6, with less tendency to cravat.

The Pilot

The M7 is for advanced pilots who are progressing to the highest levels of XC flying. It is ideal for competent pilots stepping up from a lower grade, or those wishing for easier, more benign behaviour than a 2-liner without sacrificing performance. It’s recommended for experienced pilots who fly at least 100 hrs per year, with recent SIV training.

Die Größen MS & ML können ab sofort bestellt werden!

Preis auf Anfrage
statt 5.300,-


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