OZONE GEO 6 – der perfekte Reisebegleiter

The Geo 6 is the lightweight version of the Buzz Z6.

It delivers high amounts of passive safety in a lightweight adventure wing with True Performance throughout the entire speed range. Modern construction techniques and a clever use of materials have saved 350 grams of weight compared to its predecessor, and the performance gains made in the Buzz Z6 project have been directly passed on.

Significant improvements:

  • New internal structure
  • Refined Shark Nose Profile
  • G-string leading edge
  • Double 3-D shaping
  • 20% reduction in line drag

UVP €uro 3.750,00

New tech

The Shark Nose profile has been improved by refining the openings for improved pressurisation at all angles of attack, and adding G-Strings, as seen on the Rush 5. G-String straps maintain a cleaner opening shape during accelerated flight, and aid re-inflation behaviour, meaning that collapses open faster with less height loss. The leading edge benefits from double 3D shaping and improved sail tension in this aerodynamically critical area.

New internal structure

Spanwise straps and modified cross-ports have improved cohesion, tension, and spanwise flow, resulting in better turbulence absorption with reduced sail deformation. In simple terms, the G6’s glide performance in active air and accelerated flight is significantly improved.


The G6’s internal structure is engineered to increase longevity. The top surface is made from a mix of Dominico 20D and Porcher 27 Classic, and the lower surface from Porcher 27 Classic. The Geo 6 is 1.55kgs lighter than the Buzz Z6 and 350g lighter than its predecessor without compromising strength or durability.

Launch & Flight

Above all, the G6 is comfortable and easy to fly. Thanks to a lighter sail, improved efficiency, and a more cohesive and agile feel, launching and ground-handling have never been easier. In the air the handling is intuitive, fun, and super agile. Brake input is progressive, with a precise feel. In thermals and active air, the structural improvements create a comfortable yet informative wing.

Lightweight and low pack volume, the Geo 6 is ideal for traveling pilots and hike & fly missions. It’s for pilots who generally fly 30-50 hours per year, or for more experienced pilots seeking high levels of passive safety.




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