OZONE DELTA 3 – die neue Benchmark im EN C Sektor

Die genauen Infos folgen bald.

Fakt ist, dass wir in ca. 5 Wochen die ersten Geräte in Größe ML ausliefern können! First come, first serve!

Hier die News von Ozone:

DELTA 3 ML is now available to order! A long wait, but we think it was well worth taking the time to get this product right. We think that all Delta 2 pilots will like the improvements. The design team have learnt a lot since the massively successful Delta 2 was launched, but it was still a hard job to make a worthy successor. It is EN C (without folding lines), and has better speed and glide as well as the handling and comfort that you would expect. We hope you like it! We also hope you like our new colour scheme which will appear on the Delta 3 and other new wings this year. Web page and pictures coming soon!


Preis auf Anfrage
statt 4.400,-


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